Testing Times

It's finals week and my existential crisis is such that I don't want to make a Facebook post (because unless I can express myself in a meme my crisis wouldn't​ be adequately cool) and I can't tweet because I'm not a populist politician with flare for expressing myself in 140 characters. I decided to deal… Continue reading Testing Times


Life Lesson: Never complain about sand at a beach.  Your hair might be full of it. Your eyes might feel like Sandman just got back from Spring Break and dumped his year's reserve of dreams onto your lids. Your water bottle might be inexplicably full of sand. Your skin might be subject to an exfoliation… Continue reading Ladybug


 Mujhe suddenly Mira Rajput pe gussa kyun aata hai? Now how funny is it that my Dad beat Mira Rajput to the child/dog comparison TEN YEARS AGO? Only difference, he did it appreciatively! Important Context: Since I don't have the time or the inclination to draw an elaborate picture of the household that I grew… Continue reading Woof.